6 Tips to an Effective Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website with more than 500 million unique subscribers worldwide, and a Facebook fan page is one the most effective online outreach tools.

However, creating and maintaining a successful fan page requires that you understand what works and what does not work in building up an online fan base. Here are some tips on how to market your company successfully with a Facebook fan page.

1. Sharing is one of the most important activities on the internet.

People are always looking for new sources of interesting and useful information. Make sure that you share video, articles, photos, and other content that is relevant to your company. Also, the more timely the content the better. Sharing old videos and articles that have already made the rounds is less likely to attract and keep fans. Try to find “breaking news” and other fresh content that most people still have not seen.

2. Don’t over post content.

Many people often find that the internet overloads them with information and choices. The activity of spammers only increases this feeling of overload. In order not to aggravate your fans, you should limit your posts to only about one or two a day. Otherwise, fans who do not want to see you constantly in their newsfeeds will hide you, and none of your content will appear on their pages.

3. Mix up your posts.

Avoid monotonous posts, and make special effort not to appear as though you are simply trying to sell or market your products and services. Try to provide useful and interesting information that you would also be interesting in seeing on your Facebook newsfeed. When you do post marketing content, make sure that it is original information rather than reposting other people’s content. Also, do not directly solicit your fans, but instead provide them with information that would make them curious in finding more details about your company.

4. Interact with your fans.

The internet is all about interaction rather than broadcasting. The difference between traditional marketing and social media is that the old model was more about telling people, while the new model is about discussion. Fans will appreciate your page when they can get direct feedback from you.

5. Make the page about your fans and not about you.

Many Facebook pages are for self-advertisement and you want to avoid this appearance. Post content and updates that show that your purpose is to offer useful and relevant content and discussion for your fans. Talk up your customers rather than yourself or your company. Show how your company has provided benefits to its customers rather than giving statistics about how great sales are, or how your company is beating out the competition.

6. Be a person and not a company.

The great thing about the internet is the ability to make contact with people who were formerly difficult to reach. Do not create a Facebook fan page that looks like an impersonal corporate website. Show that there is a real person behind the page who is ready to interact with fans. Do not be afraid to act like a real person in posting status updates for example, but of course you will need to use some discretion in avoiding content that could be offensive to some people.

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