Marketing Your Brand on YouTube

The benefits of video marketing to gain brand exposure on YouTube should not be overlooked. It’s true that everyone from children to seniors document their every move in video and post it on the site, but this is also the place that millions of people come to first for information. When a product is successfully marketed on YouTube, the video will literally have an audience comprised of millions of viewers who are potential new customers. Once a marketing video has captivated the target audience, viewers will actively look for the product’s main website.

Going Viral

In addition to the millions of viewers who will see the marketing video on YouTube, a piece that is especially entertaining will be actively promoted by the YouTube community. As its popularity grows, the video has the potential to go “viral”. At this point, internet users will be so excited about the video that they will begin to email their friends and post links on other websites. Some video footage has even found itself broadcast on national television based on the number of hits it received on YouTube. Imagine what advertisement like that is worth. Now that Google has purchased YouTube, chances of YouTube video rising to the top of the world’s most popular search engine have dramatically increased. This alone could make a tremendous difference in a company’s page ranking.

Be Creative

On YouTube, it’s not good enough to create a slick marketing campaign and begin posting the footage. In fact, any footage that’s perceived as a hard-sell is almost guaranteed to fail. The typical YouTube viewer is not going to the site to see the same routine material that is on TV everyday. One segment of the audience is in search of useful how-to information. The other type of YouTube user is interested in the hilarious, the unusual, and the downright weird. The great part about YouTube is that a large marketing budget is not required to be successful, but the hard part is that it does take quite a bit of creative thinking. For those who think so far outside of the box that they don’t even know it’s there anymore, YouTube is their comfort zone.

Get Noticed

To market a business on YouTube, it’s critical to become immersed in the community. A successful YouTube marketer will use some or all of the following tactics to find viewers:

  • Comment on other videos and join/start niche groups related to the business.
  • Use videos to direct viewers to the business’s main site, and design a YouTube-like landing page for the link.
  • Keep it simple and inexpensive. While shaky film and poor sound quality isn’t desired, neither is footage that looks too professional.
  • Choose keywords that will allow viewers to find the video during a YouTube search.
  • Create a YouTube channel for the business. Viewers who like the footage may subscribe, and the business can send marketing emails to the channel’s email list.
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