The 3 Social Sites You Need To Be On

Businesses are becoming increasingly more aware of the need for social media as a way to strengthen and support their brand via interactive, online communities.  Through social media, you’re able to facilitate conversations about topics related to your business and get valuable insights into the needs of your target audience. Social media helps you to steer brand perception and readily address negative comments and concerns. Through social media, a business can develop loyalty, provide 2-way communication and grow their prospects and customer base.

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SEO Myths You Should Ignore

There is all sorts of bad advice out there when it comes to how to optimize your website for the search engines. Let’s set the record straight between fact and fiction so that you’re in the know. I’ve taken a few moments to help debunk some of the most common SEO myths.  These tactics are not only ineffective, but they can result in huge penalties for your site including being delisted all together.

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Creating a Successful Click To Call Campaign

Click-to-Call mobile marketing uses a mobile ad format that enables businesses to connect directly with potential customers right over the phone. Click-to-call (CTC) ads have evolved in recent months with hundreds of thousands of advertisers getting reaping the benefits. Since February 2011, the number of advertisers using phone extensions on mobile has grown 28%. Click-to-call ads on both Google Search and Display Networks are generating millions of calls every month on mobile devices.

CTC platforms provide a wide variety of options to help businesses reach their marketing objectives. Recent studies indicate that when compared to ads without phone numbers, Click-to-call ads generate a 6-8% average increase in click-through rates.

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Local Mobile Marketing

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8 Tips For Higher Conversion Rates

Regardless of the marketing tactics that your business employs, several tips for higher conversion rates can help you increase the value of your marketing dollars and the time that you invest in promoting your product, service or site. Low conversion rates are often the sign of an outdated call-to-action or CTA. Changing how you approach your prospects when using a CTA can provide you with dramatic changes in the number of visitors that become paying customers. The following 8 strategies are designed to bring businesses up to speed in the rapidly changing frontier of internet marketing.

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8 Simple Steps to Better Site Rankings

With the amount of information available on the internet today it increasingly becomes more difficult to find particular sites to suit users’ needs. Due to which the majority of users today turn to search engines to cut down the time and effort they spend in surfing the net. In order for sites to become more accessible to users, search engine optimization strategies are necessary in order to improve a site’s ranking on search engines. Here are a few steps you could following in order to improve your search engine rankings.

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Bucket List: #17 Kiss the Blarney Stone (Ireland,12/2010)

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6 Tips to an Effective Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website with more than 500 million unique subscribers worldwide, and a Facebook fan page is one the most effective online outreach tools.

However, creating and maintaining a successful fan page requires that you understand what works and what does not work in building up an online fan base. Here are some tips on how to market your company successfully with a Facebook fan page.

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Nathalie at the Georgia Aquarium

Nathalie and I met when she was six through the Atlanta Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation and after 6 years of being sisters she just moved out of state. Our last day together we went to the Atlanta Aquarium which was a first time for the both of us. We both really enjoyed it. (Especially Nathalie who had never been to any aquarium before and thought we were just going to stare at one big tank for 5 hours.) It was definitely a fun time. If you ever find yourself in the ATL you should make time to visit the world’s largest aquarium!

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Marketing Your Brand on YouTube

The benefits of video marketing to gain brand exposure on YouTube should not be overlooked. It’s true that everyone from children to seniors document their every move in video and post it on the site, but this is also the place that millions of people come to first for information. When a product is successfully marketed on YouTube, the video will literally have an audience comprised of millions of viewers who are potential new customers. Once a marketing video has captivated the target audience, viewers will actively look for the product’s main website.

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